We design programs and creative activities with unique and different themes so your companions can participate in and enjoy new experiences. We create exclusive programs for VIP clients that require the best personalized attention and luxury treatment.

PGX Dmc accompanies your clients all the time,  providing relevant and updated information about the destination, offering our products and services, and giving them access to any activity they may wish to enjoy


We do everything possible to get the perfect location in any of our destinations, incorporating the most creative and inspiring activities for your group. 

If you have any ideas in mind, our creativity and skills will complete the rest; from decoration, lighting, and audiovisual resources, to logistics and planning. We also select the right food and beverages, as well as the best entertainment, adapting to any theme to make your event an unforgettable experience!


Regardless of the reason for your trip with your work team, we work hard to reinforce the bond between all of your collaborators through integration and recreational activities, organizing fun and different dynamics in which the group will participate and interact, strengthening the ties between them and achieving positive results. 

We also have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events in which generosity, love and solidarity are essential values.


Part of our job is to offer unique experiences, that is why we provide our customers with unique amenities and personalized gifts that will undoubtedly make them feel recognized and special. They can range from the most traditional to the most extravagant. Our variety in products is due to our partnerships with various suppliers as well as our creative ideas, inspired by the passion to give the best to our customers.