About Us

PGX Dmc has a long history of offering unique experiences.  Our skilled staff helps you create an outstanding experience throughout our destinations with service and care that exceeds your expectations. Our crew has a wealth of expertise traveling and organizing trips, and we have gained a reputation as travel industry experts and efficient professionals. Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative and safe travel experiences by utilizing tourism methods that are always pleasurable. Our company specializes in Incentive travel, group series, M.I.C.E, and F.I.T.

Innovation, diligence, timeliness, ethical principles, respect, and quality are all values that our team strives for. We are constantly on the lookout for creative plans and initiatives, and we work carefully on them while preserving time quality and adhering to all ethical practices. We have a strong market position and consistently offer very competitive prices. In addition, we provide incredibly tailor-made individualized programs to our clients that is always pleasant and pays attention to every minute .

We’re experts that offer our local knowledge to help you locate the best event solutions for corporate events, conferences, general meetings, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, product launches, and more…

We work with some of the world’s most well-known brands, including those in the automobile, pharmaceutical, and healthcare, technology, finance, insurance, non-profit, and consumer products industries.

We make your concept a reality via our transparency, passion, and competence. We make it a reality!